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Perplexity's latest product is disrupting journalism for good?

· 4 minute read · Programming ChatGPT Perplexity AI Generative AI
Kunanon Srisuntiroj

I woke up today and noticed that Perplexity AI, my personal research copilot, has introduced their newest product "Perplexity Page". This new feature is a game-changer for how we can blog and journal. With its ability to automatically create outlines and content, Perplexity Page is set to revolutionize the way we produce written content, making the process more efficient and intuitive for everyone, including me.

In this story, we dive into Perplexity Page, the newest product from Perplexity AI, exploring what it is and what it can do. We'll also summarize what we've learned about how AI can achieve content hyper-personalization, transforming the way we create and tailor content to our audiences.

Welcome to Perplexity Page

Perplexity AI is like having a writing partner on crack that helps you find the best information on the internet in a flash. It's like a search engine, but way cooler because it uses latest AI technology and generative AI like OpenAI's ChatGPT-4o to understand what you're looking for and give you clear, easy-to-read answers.

But with Perplexity Page, it is like you just give them which topic you want from your own blog, and let them do the rest. It spins up what you going to express in a second, search the whole Internet along the way, and writes a content for you.

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Start a new Perplexity Page by selecting Library > New Page

To test out how it works, I started a new page and gave them this complex instruction to tailor my outlines that I already have some on my head:

"Perplexity's latest product is taking over blogging and journalism with the new "Perplexity Page" that automatically creates an outline and content for the blog, using the power of Perplexity AI search tools. You will still have full customisation on what you want to include, and it also suggests topics related to the content"

and it just splits out everything I ever needed to create a new blog post. Voilà!

The new Perplexity Page research paper page

The power of Perplexity Page left me no choice, but to up my game with creativity and customise what it spits out.

If you liked to see what I have write so far using Perplexity Page, visit the Page here:

It might missed some of the points you are looking for, just imagine it to match your style! Simply give them more instructions or edit ones that you feels needed. You are in control in this!

But when you needed the idea, they are here to help! Use the suggestions they provided by clicking the suggested topics below the sub-topic heading.

Write more by adding blog sections using prompting

Start simple by adding some words or key topics, and Perplexity will provide the rest, including creating a simpler topic summary based on the prompt and the results.

Perplexity is generating more content for your blog or research papers

With its ability to edit a content block's looks and feels, you can set the result block to be text-only, image-only, or both. You can also force them to summarise the content in the bulletin format or a table for comparison or a structured explanation. Simply click 'Edit' and choose away.

Edit the result with 1-click User Interface

Rest assured, information are selected from multiple data sources. However, be aware of the "hallucination" phenomenon common in all Generative AI models.

In AI, hallucination refers to instances where the model generates information that seems plausible but is not factually accurate or grounded in the provided data. Always verify critical information independently to avoid potential issues.

The future of content is hyper-personalised media and content

Imagine a future where every movie, TV show, and article feels like it was custom-made just for you. That's the magic of AI-powered hyper-personalization—it's like having a personal assistant who knows exactly what you like and creates content tailored to your tastes. A constant stream of dopamine for your customer using record-low efforts made possible by Generative AI.

Perplexity Paper represents a leap forward by automatically generating research papers and opens up the customisation that you need to create your crafts. Now opens for everyone who truly understands the power of Perplexity AI is going to speed up their creativity and improvement, not only limited to technology geeks. With the downside of content originality and the inability to understand the customer's emotions and true needs.

The question is, is Perplexity Page personalization beneficial for the customer or your company? You decide.